Curriculum Vitae


January 22, 2019



Frederick T. Wood              



Present Position:                  Private practice, Dentist, owner

                                             6200 S. McClintock Dr., Suite 117

                                             Tempe, AZ  85283


Present Home:                     1456 E. Colt Rd.

                                             Tempe, AZ  85284


Birthplace:                            Framingham, Mass.


Family:                                  Wife, Kim Richey

                                            Children:  Nicholas , Danielle ,

                                            Renee, Jill, Erin and  Brayden  


Education                                                                                                        Reference


Elementary:                          Broadmore School                                             Joe Spracale

1959                                     Tempe, Arizona                                                  Tempe City Councilman, retired


Secondary:                           McKemy School                                                 Pat Coffinger

1960-1961                            Tempe, Arizona                                                  Retired Teacher, Tempe Elementary

                                                                                                                        School District


High School:                         Tempe Union High School                                 Alan Benedict

1962-1966                            Tempe, Arizona                                                  Athletic Director, Mesa Community College


1965-1966                            Northern Arizona University               

                                             Flagstaff, Arizona                               


1966-1972                            Arizona State University                                     W.S. Caughey, Ph.D.

                                             Tempe, Arizona                                                  Chairman:  Biochemistry

                                             B.A. Biology, B.S. Chemistry                             Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO


1972-1973                            Graduate Student at University                          John C. Gerhardt, Ph.D.

                                             of California, Berkeley,                                       Molecular Biology Department

                                             Ph.D. Program                                                   Berkeley, California


1973-1976                            Dental Student at the School of                         Dale Redig, D.D.S.

                                             Dentistry, University of the Pacific,                     Past Executive Director

                                             San Francisco, California                                   California  Dental Association


Employment                                                                                                    Reference


1992-present                        Private Practice, owner                                      Harry Mitchell, Past Mayor, Tempe                                                                 Tempe, Arizona                                                  U.S. Congressman, Arizona                


1983-1992                            Private Practice, Co-owner                                Partners:  Leroy F. Kochert, D.D.S.

                                             Kochert-Okun-Wood Dentistry, P.C.                                   Bruce F. Okun, D.D.S.

                                             Tempe, Arizona


1976-1983                            Dentist                                                                Dr. John J. Muzio, D.D.S.

                                             Professional Health Services                             Owner

                                             Hayward, California


1973-1976                            Research Associate                                           Arthur Dugoni, Dean

                                             University of Pacific Dental School                    University of the Pacific Dental School

                                             2155 Webster Street                                          Dental Research

                                             San Francisco, CA  94155


1972-1973                            Research Associate                                           John C. Gerhart, Ph.D.

                                             Molecular Biology Department                           Molecular Biology Department

                                             University of California                                       Berkeley, California                                           


1970-1972                            Research Associate                                           W.S. Caughey, Ph.D.

                                             Chemistry Department                                       Past Chairman:  Biochemistry Department

                                             Arizona State University                                     Colorado State University

                                                                                                                        Ft. Collins, Colorado


1970-1971                            Teaching Assistant                                             Charles Woolf, Ph.D.

                                             Zoology Department                                          Emeritus Professor:  Arizona State University

                                             Arizona State University


1967-1970                            Tempe Parks and Recreation                            Don Wilkinson

                                             Aquatics Department                                         Athletic Director

                                             Manager:  McClintock Swimming Pool              Tempe Union High School District

                                             Coach swim team


1965-1966                            Summer Employment:  Maintenance  John Casey, Foreman (Retired)

                                             worker, Arizona State University        


1963-1965                            Summer Employment:  Calamigos                    Peter Weir

                                             Star C Ranch, Malibu, California                       Past Director:  Calamigos Star C Ranch

                                             Camp Counselor                                                Malibu, California


1960-1961                            Paper Boy, Arizona Republic                             John Dutton, Retired

                                                                                                                        Arizona School Administrator





Professional Affiliation


Member, Dental Clinical Research Foundation

Member, Student Clinicians of the American Dental Research

Member, International Association of Dental Research

Member, American Dental Association

Member, American Society of Dentistry for Children

Member, Arizona Dental Association, License #2874

Member, American Association for Functional Orthodontics

Member, Clinical Foundation for Orthopedics and Orthodontics

Member, Academy of General Dentistry

Member, American Academy of Functional Orthodontics

High School Teaching Certificate, State of Arizona, 1970


               Dr. Wood has taken many and varied continuing educational courses and seminars regarding TMJ dysfunction and orthodontics over the past 10 years.  A general list of his instructors would include:


                              John Witzig                           William Farrar                       William Dickerson

                              Duane Grummons               Brendon Stack                     Stephan Buchanan

                              Harold Gelb                          Skip Truitt

                              Errol Lader                           Peter K. Thomas

                              Phillip Jones                         Gordon Christianson


Honors and Awards


Elected to Tempe All-City Hall of Fame, 2012

Chairman, Planning and Zoning Commission, City of Tempe, 1990-1991

Elected Tempe Union High School Board, first of six candidates, 1996

President Tempe Union High School Board, 1999

Tempe Golf Men’s Club Championship Flight runner-up, 1994

Who’s Who in Arizona, 1989

Who’s Who in California, 1983

California Small Boat Sailing Champion (Snipe Class), 1981

California Small Boat Sailing Champion (Laser Class), 1978

International Association of Dental Research, Hatton Award, 1975, London

Who’s Who in Colleges and Universities, 1976

Member, Tau Kappa Omega Dental Scholastic Honorary

University of the Pacific Dental School Graduation Awards:  1976

               Oral Surgery Award

               Orthodontics Award

1973 American Dental Association Table Clinic Competition, 2nd place, Houston, Texas

Recipient of Johnson and Johnson Research grant,  1974 and 1975

Recipient of U.S. Public Health Grant, 1972-1973

4.0 Club, Arizona State University, 1972

Member, Beta Beta Beta Biological Sciences Honorary, Arizona State University

Sigman Delta Psi Athletic Honorary, Arizona State University, 1967



A.S.U. Individual Athletic Intramural Championship, 3rd place, 1967

Arizona High School Tennis ranking, 1965, 5th in state



Publications and Patents


International Association of Dental Research presentation, 1974

Periodontal disease V group “Radioactive Iodination Technique Applied to the Study of Gingival Fluid”, #487.


International Association of Dental Research presentation, 1974, “The Radioactive Labeling of Protein with Iodinated Amidination Reagent”, #131.


Wood, Frederick T., Michael Wu, John C. Gerhart,  “The Radioactive Labeling of Proteins with an Iodinated Amidination Reagent”, Analytical Biochemistry, 69, 339-349, 1975.  (over 1000 reprints requested internationally).


Patent:  Wood’s Reagent – sold to Polysciences Chemical Company, 1976.


Community Interest


ASU, Grady Gammage Society, 2012

Member, United Methodist Church, Pastor/Parish Committee, 2010

America’s Top Dentist 2005-2006, Consumer’s Research Council of America

Co-Contributor, “Smiles for a Lifetime”, TUHSD student dental scholarship program

Member, Tempe Golf Committee, 2007

President, Tempe Union High School Board, 1999

Member, Tempe Union High School Board, 1996-present, Clerk, 1997, 1998

Member, Tempe Parks and Recreation Board,1996-2004

Member, Tempe Union High School Strategie Planning Committee, 1994

Member, Marcos De Niza Booster Club, 1994-1999

Vice-President, Tempe Community Council, 1992, member 1986-1992

President, Tempe All-City Athletic Association, 1987, 1992, 1996, member 1985-present

Chairman, Tempe Planning and Zoning Commission, 1994, 1995, member 1989-1995

Member, Tempe Chamber of Commerce, 1990-present

Member, 1st Methodist Church of Tempe, Pastor/Parish Relationship Committee, 1968

Dental Education in Community and Schools, 1983-present

PTA for Kyrene Elementary Schools, 1990

Editor and Publisher:  Small Boat Racing Association Newsletter, Laser Class Newsletter, 1979-1983

Member, Community-Business-Education Partnership Advisory Council, Tempe Elementary School District, 1992-present

Member, Parent-Teacher’s Association, Tempe Elementary School District, 1990-1994

Member, Tempe Municipal Golf Course Men’s Club, 1983-present

Numerous articles written in local dental and sailing magazines, 1976-1983

Chairman, Ad. Hoc. Committee to Study Unification of Tempe School Districts, 1986

Member, Ad Hoc Committee to Study Unification of Tempe School Districts, 1992-1993

Member, ASU Alumni Association

Member, University of the Pacific Dental School Alumni Association


Health:  Excellent